At the very core, we start with Kosher products, sourced from the finest gourmet purveyors in the country. Because we extend our reach far beyond the Jewish and Muslim communities, many clients have come to realize that Kosher is superior in every facet. Our products are made with supreme care and overseen with scrupulous attention from an outside rabbinic authority. This careful creation and supervision process has resulted in a high consumer preference for Kosher products with respect to both health and quality.


KosherstandZ provides, trains, and compensates our own highly qualified team members to manage our properties, thereby alleviating clients from any related financial burdens or business concerns. Our team attends and completes all required client focused training, including food handler certification, alcohol training, and background checks. In addition to all client-mandated training, KosherstandZ team members undergo the intensive internal KosherstandZ training program.

Meet our team

Donny Mashiach
General Manager

Yaakov Lopin
Director of Operations

Ami Mashiach
Regional Manager

Yael Milobsky
Director of Marketing


Kosherstandz hires an independent Kosher supervision agency to regularly inspect and certify our products, procedures, and equipment. This process ensures that our company consistently meets the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.


KosherstandZ maintains the highest level of support, accountability, and
communication with all client personnel. We are proactive in identifying and solving any issues which may arise and in executing sensible solutions.


As a WBENC certified company, we understand inclusion in every capacity. Our company is invested in creating an unforgettable experience for every individual no matter their gender, ethnicity, health, or dietary restrictions.